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MADE IN KRAKOW 50 Eminent Krakovians with Illustrated Map of Kakow

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Wydawnictwo “Wektory” Wroclaw 2019, 128 pages (soft cover)

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Author: Zbigniew Wiesek ISBN: 978-83-6584-216-9 Language: English Availability: 24h Year Published: 2019 Categories: , , ,

“The beautiful city of Krakow, the former capital of Poland, for centuries the seat of kings, gave birth to a great array of excellent men and women who made a great contribution to history. Released in English, Made in Krakow. 50 Eminent Krakowians with Illustrated Map of Krakow is dedicated to fifty of them. Their extraordinary achievements, their lives, which were inevitably connected with the place where they were educated, lived, worked, and often died as well.
They include writers, artists, painters, musicians, scientists, politicians, and entrepreneurs. The authors of the book carefully recreated not only their silhouettes, but also the threads of their fascinating life, and above all their individual relationship with Krakow. In addition to the illustrations showing the space in which they lived, landmarks were marked on the map attached to the publication, which indicate these very personal places of their existence.
The book is perfectly suited to demonstrate to both English-speaking and Polish readers the enormous contribution that the people of Kraków’s metropolis have made over the years to build a Western civilization. It may accompany as a guide in visiting the city, give a fascinating shape to the living story of Krakow and its inhabitants. It can also be a great contribution to an even more detailed deepening into the extraordinary stories of the great Cracovians”.


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